The Vault.

Screen Time Solved.

The Everyday Smarter Charging Station that controls screen time in the home.

Introducing the VAULT.

With the VAULT, devices and tech now have a home, out of sight, out of mind.

Scheduling 'no screen time' is easy with pre-scheduled notifications send to kids' devices from the VAULT.

No more arguments. It's in the VAULT.


Eye icon

Out of sight, out of mind

Storing devices and tech in the VAULT mean they no longer act as a visual cue.

Bell icon

Scheduled notifications

Avoid the conflict around ending screen-time with pre-scheduled notifications.

Clock timer icon

Time-lapse locking

Once devices and tech are locked in the VAULT, it won’t open until the pre-set timer has ended.

Charging battery icon

Charge while it's stored

With 6 in-built USB charging ports, devices are charged & ready to go, every time the VAULT opens

Phone and finger icon

Easy-to-use free app

Using the free Vault Parent app, easily set a weekly schedule to remotely open and lock the VAULT.

Flying clock icon

Quick-start timed locks

Set up ‘digital time out’ quickly, with 10, 30 or 60 minute timers at the push of a button.

Device in vault icon

Positive behaviour

Putting devices in the VAULT establishes positive behaviour around ending screen time.

Criminal icon

Cyberbullying & predators

Sleep easy, knowing devices & tech are locked and charging, throughout the night.

Game controller icon

End the gaming obsession

Store and charge gaming controllers such as Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo.

Screen time balance icon

Restore digital balance

Excessive screen time can interfere with sleep, school & social skills.

How it works

Step 1

Using the free VAULT app, easily set a weekly schedule to open & lock the VAULT.

Step 2

Kids are sent pre-set notifications when screen time is ending, then a final notification when it’s time to return devices to the VAULT.

Step 3

Devices and tech are stored out of sight in the VAULT and charged.

Step 4

Once they’re in the Vault, it won’t open until the pre-set timer has ended. No more negotiating from kids to get their devices and tech back.
It’s in the VAULT!

What this video: how the VAULT works

A product you'll use every day.

The VAULT is a product that your family will use EVERYDAY. The VAULT will significantly reduce screen time in the home, take the stress out of screen time and we're 100% confident it will restore family well-being.

Your kids may actually sleep better, be better behaved, do their school work and even help around the house!

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"The Vault has been a life changer for us. Screen time down 50%"

Georgia W. - CA, USA

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"It really is out of sight, out of mind. I can actually see my kids’ mood change!"

Simon J. - IL, USA

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"No more arguments! The Vault is now telling my kids when they can use their devices. It’s awesome"

Ben J. - NY, USA

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"Since we started using Vault, my kids actually take a break and do other things instead of constantly being on their devices"

Amber K. - CA, USA